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Slaley, Northumberland view north from Ladycross
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Because the nature reserve is closed, and we are unable to hold our walks and talks, we have little income. We continue to feed the birds on the reserve and the change in the weather means that they are rapidly going through our supplies. We are asking if you could support us by donating bird food or making a donation to enable us to buy it. We buy our bird food from Poltross Enterprises in Haltwhistle. They deliver to Joan's home in Juniper, because the reserve is closed. You can visit their website to see what they offer, and email them at or ring 01434 321111. Their prices are competitive but you may have your own regular supplier. If you buy from another source and want to deliver, then please contact Joan at 01434 673245. If you would like to make a donation, cheques should be made out to Ladycross Nature Reserve. We really do appreciate your continuing support.
During the pandemic, members have been sending us a wonderful selection of photographs taken in their gardens and on their exercise walks. The ones for the current year appear on the right hand side of this page as we receive them. You can view last year's photographs by clicking here

We are sorry to say that due to the latest government instructions on the Coronavirus outbreak and in order to keep all our members and volunteers safe we have cancelled all our scheduled events until further notice and completely closed the reserve. We will review the situation when restrictions relax. We will continue to keep you informed. In the meantime we send you our best wishes for your health and safety.
Lara Turner, Chairperson.
JULY UPDATE. We have to continue to cancel all walks, including our Fungus Foray in September, until further notice.
The Reserve itself remains closed.

Your wintry pictures continue to arrive. The icy conditions seem to have been producing unusual ice formations all over the country. Here are some beautiful grass-centered icicles that formed in Joan's garden where freezing water was dripping.

The winter has also produced some great sunsets, but few, we think, as spectacular as this one over Colpitts photographed from a drone and kindly provided by Michael Elphick

Last year's wonderful pictures and reports of your encounters with local wildlife enormously helped to lighten the gloomy situation. We hope you will continue to provide your photographs and reports this year. To get us off to a good start, here are a few photographs taken over the last couple of weeks' distinctly wintry weather, which at least produces some great skies!

Rainbow at Colpitts, sent in by Jean Elphick

Winter skies, by Mary Oswell and others

Trees and tree-stumps look pareticularly good at this time of year, showing off their skeletal structures and their textures of moss and lichen.John Fraser and Ian Hancock